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Complete Archero Tier List (Oct 2022)

Archero latest version is packed with a dozen of heroes, each with their own skills and abilities. The new version also comes with an improved tutorial to help you understand the mechanics better. In terms of gameplay, there are some new features such as the ability to upgrade your equipment. The game is now available in French, Spanish, German, and Russian language versions.

Archero remains one of the most popular mobile games out there and for good reason. It’s an incredibly addictive game that is easy to pick up but difficult to master. If you’re looking for a challenge, Archero is definitely worth checking out.

Archero Tier List: Elemental Abilities

  • Lightning
  • Freeze
  • Poison
  • Fire

Explosive Abilities

  • Chilling Blast
  • Death Bomb
  • Death Nova

Boost Abilities

  • Attack Boost (Major)
  • Attack Boost (Minor)
  • Attack Speed Boost (Major)
  • Attack Speed Boost (Minor)
  • Crit Master
  • Crit Master (Minor)

Plus Abilities

  • HP Plus
  • Attack Plus
  • Crit Plus
  • Speed Plus

Aura Abilities

  • HP Gain Aura
  • Speed Aura
  • Crit Aura

Shield Abilities

  • Invincibility Star
  • Shield Guard

Health Abilities

  • HP Boost
  • Strong Heart
  • Heal
  • Bloodthirst

Spirit Abilities

  • Wingman
  • Spirit Front Arrow
  • Spirit Multi-shot
  • Spirit Diagonal Arrow +1
  • Spirit Attack Speed Boost
  • Spirit Crit Boost
  • Spirit Attack Boost

Circle Abilities

  • Fire Circle
  • Ice Circle
  • Poison Circle
  • Bolt Circle

Strike Abilities

  • Blazing Strike
  • Frost Strike
  • Toxic Strike
  • Bolt Strike

Sword Abilities

  • Fire Sword
  • Ice Sword
  • Poison Sword
  • Bolt Swords

Star Abilities

  • Blazing Star
  • Frost Star
  • Toxic Star
  • Bolt Star

Health Dependent Abilities

  • Rage
  • Grace
  • Fury
  • Agility

Other Abilities

  • Headshot
  • Smart
  • Greed
  • Overdraft
  • Holy Touch
  • Strong Strong Heart
  • Dodge Master
  • Extra Life
  • Slow Projectile
  • Shadow Clone
  • Summon One-Eyed Bat
  • Inspire
  • Water Walker
  • Through The Wall
  • Giant
  • Dwarf


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