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Can You View A Private Instagram Account?

Can You View A Private Instagram Account? The short answer: Yes.

But, can you view a private Instagram account without following it? No. However, there is a way to see private accounts if you follow them.

Just like the title says, you can pretty much view someone’s Instagram account even though they have chosen to make their profile private. In this post I will show how to do it with pictures and detailed instructions. Also keep in mind that this method can be used for any social media site where the content creator has chosen not to share specific content with everyone. This includes Snapchat! Before we get started I’m going to tell you up front that viewing a private IG account doesn’t always work but it works often enough for me that I still think its worth it.

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What you will need

The person’s Instagram username The first letter of their first name The city they live in OR their high school mascot Snapchat (optional)

  1. Go to youtube and type “ig stories viewer” or some other variation using the sites search function. There are multiple apps out there that claim they can help but I have never tried any so proceed with caution. Download one if you’d like, then skip down to step 2. NOTE: Some of these apps can be real time wasters so I do not recommend wasting your time with them unless you really want to see what is on this person’s private IG account . If you’re serious, read on! I repeat–I have used multiple ways successfully to view private IG accounts and this is the only one that I recommend.
  2. So here’s the legit way to do it: First, search for your friend on Google. For example, if their Instagram username was “coolkid23” you would type in “coolkid23 instagram” (without quotes) into google. Then look at their profile on Instagram and notice their first name under their profile picture. Write down or remember that first name.
  3. Now go onto Google maps on your browser of choice , enter in the city your friend lives in AND type in the following school mascot after the city: “schools gmail com.” NOTE: This will bring up a list of all high schools in your area with an email address on file for the school’s main office. Find your friend’s high school and their mascot!
  4. Choose one of the email addresses on file at your friend’s school (preferably an administrative assistant if possible) and use your smart phone to open up Snapchat . Open up snapchat, click “Add Friends” then simply type in that selected email address using Snapcodes or username search. Voila! You should be able to see all stories posted by this person on Instagram because you followed them with Snapchat! If you don’t get any results try it once more with another email address at the same high school (aka administrator).

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Can I View a Private Instagram Account?

Yes! You can view a private Instagram profile by following that person through Snapchat. This method is for those who want to see what people post on their “private” IG account but don’t care about seeing their stories. If you need help with this one, feel free to leave me a comment and I will reply asap 🙂

Go Legit

Please keep in mind that there are other apps out there other than the ones I mentioned above. The one I say to use is simply because it’s easy, fast and has allowed me to successfully view private accounts. If you want real results then just go with my advice.

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