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Koikatsu Cards: Download & Install guide

Koikatsu Party, or Koikatsu Cards, is a Japanese dating sim game developed by Honey∞Parade Games and published by Sekai Project. The game was released on October 5, 2018 for Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux. The game is set in the Academy City, which is home to more than 50,000 students. The player takes on the role of a new student at the academy who has the ability to transform into any one of the academy’s students. With this power, the player must help the other students find love.

The game features multiple endings, depending on the choices made by the player throughout the game. There are also several side activities that the player can take part in, such as playing tennis or going to the mall.

Koikatsu Party has received generally positive reviews, with praise directed at its writing, characters, and art style. However, the game has also been criticized for its lack of depth and its numerous technical issues. If you are interested in downloading and installing Koikatsu Party, there are a few things you need to know. First, the game is only available in Japanese. However, there are a number of fan-made translation projects that have made the game accessible to English-speaking audiences.

Second, the game is large and may take some time to download. Make sure you have plenty of storage space available on your computer before beginning the download. Third, Koikatsu Party requires a fairly powerful computer to run smoothly. Koikatsu Cards: Download & Install guide.

Koikatsu Party or Koikatsu Cards: Gallery

There are tons of cards ready to use and install, we recommend you 2 sites:

Enter Koikatsu or Koikatsu Party in the search box. Then click on search, and discover the biggest gallery you can find.

Enter Koikatsu in the search box. Then click on search, and discover another great HQ gallery. Of course you can use the search box to find what you want or also browse the categories There are tons of sites with cards, but do you know a site with more than 50k cards?

Koikatsu Party or Koikatsu Cards – Download & Install

It is really easy, these are the steps you must follow

Download the Cards

Pretty Obvious, but yes download the card (image file) or the cards you want: Click right > Save image as > Save

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Install the cards

Place (copy & paste) the images (cards) in UserData > Chara > Female or Male Folders

If you also want to install a mod of course there will be additional requirements, so read the description of the card first

Koikatsu Party or Koikatsu Cards – Video Guide

You still cant use the cards, then check this installation guide by the youtuber Animez Game, but it is as easy as we have explained you before

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Roam around the map, peep on girls if you have the opportunity, talk to them to gain their favour and trigger “events” that will unfold their stories. There are “named” heroines with a preset backstory and player-created characters with plenty (30) of personality types to choose from.​

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