Who Was Robin Hoynes? Know Everything About Her


Robin Hoynes was viciously murdered in the evening prior to her murder in the Kentucky Fried Chicken business she ran in Torrance. Here are the details of the murder.

Hoynes’ murder Robin Hoynes went unsolved for more than two decades even though police suspected Marshall and detained him 10 days following the murder on the night of Oct. 30 1984. Marshall was released without charges in the moment.

Marshall is a 46-year-old fire captain from the California Department of Forestry, was arrested and convicted by the grand jury in 2006.

Robin Hoynes Murder

Robin Hoynes, a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant owner in Torrance was brutally killed in the previous night.

The week before, the girlfriend of William Marshall confessed to the jury that he had not returned home from the night the man he killed was an employee of the Torrance Kentucky Fried Chicken manager confessing that she had lied 23 years ago, when she was questioned on his movements.

The method by which Hoynes 21-year-old Hoynes was wounded and how many times was she stabbed is important in the case. According to the medical examiner’s report Hoynes was stabbed twice in her back, one of which was fatal and the other potentially fatal as well as her throat cut at or close to the time of her death.

Where Is William Charles Marshall Now?

There is a rumor the fact that William Charles is still in prison after being sentenced to life imprisonment without parole.

Marshall began his work as an assistant manager for KFC in the beginning of October 1984. Marshall was also a major suspect for two instances of theft during that month.

As an assistant manager Marshall was aware of the secure password, but it was altered when he was fired According to witnesses.

Based on what is evidenced, Marshall stabbed Hoynes in the back, attempted to break the safe and then cut her neck as she lay on the floor of the kitchen.

Robin Hoynes: Her Wikipedia and Age Explored

Robin Hoynes was only 21 when she tragically died.

Robin was said to be active in Calvary Church that is located in Santa Ana.

The woman was an extremely charitable person, always offering to run marathons in order to raise money for people who were in need.

Who is Robin Hoynes Family?

Robin Hoynes’ father’s name was Virgil Wheeler Hoynes. The birth of Robin Hoynes took place in 1993, and died in the year 1995.

However Robin’s mother’s name was Ethel Marie Titus Hoynes. Her birth year was 1935 and died in the year the year 2011.

Her father who suffered from emphysema and grieving for his daughter’s death was killed in the year 1995.

Robin was the second oldest of her sisters. Her name was KimHoyness.

Robin’s demise brought sorrow and sadness to her tight-knit Whittier familythat also included all three of her sisters. However, they’d begin to recover in the years following her death. Then, 23 years later, they were able to see the light of justice.


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